It never matters if you’re ready or not; the holidays come around each and every year like clockwork. After Labor Day, the holiday season can be upon us in a matter of days. Or, at least that’s what it can feel like.

As it approaches, the kids are pretty much always daydreaming about that perfect Christmas morning, whereas many adults look forward to decorating for the holidays. If you fall into that category and you want to find some different and unique ways to show off your holiday spirit this year, we’ve got some great tips that you should definitely check out below.

1. Mini Christmas Trees

You can purchase small artificial Christmas trees in an array of sizes, from a few inches to a couple of feet tall and up. Alternatively, you can make your own with fresh clipped pine or other greenery to give your home that holiday smell.

Take three to five small trees, add some ribbon and perhaps a strand of lights, and group them on a silver tray for a great holiday decoration.

2. A Special Touch

There’s a good chance that you’ll be doing at least a little bit of holiday entertaining with family and friends this year. In addition to the tree, lights, Christmas cards, and other decorations, it’s the perfect time to show off your creativity.

Adorning your space with some custom holiday pillows with the family in their best and worst ugly Christmas sweaters, a traditional family photo, or even the pets can add a special touch, which is exactly what the season is about.

3. Place Gifts Around the Room

Along with those custom holiday pillows, you can use ones that are solid colors and tie wide, Christmas ribbons around them to make them look like presents for the tree. Scatter them around the house and put some on the sofa, a couple of chairs, and the guest room bed for a pop of holiday cheer.

4. More Greenery & Holiday Scents

Add a little more flair to your home with plain glass vases filled with sprigs of evergreens, mistletoe, and pinecones.

5. Transform Bottlebrushes

With a bit of fabric dye, you can make mini Christmas trees out of bottlebrushes. Vary the sizes and colors and add them to the miniature trees from our first tip for a fantastic-looking holiday forest.

6. Homemade Snow Globes

Using glass canning jars, some of those beautiful bottlebrush trees, Epsom salt for snow, toy deer, sleighs, and other decorative items is a great way to enhance your winter wonderland.

7. A Wreath of Lights

Wrap bright-colored string lights around a metal wire wreath form for a unique decoration that can brighten any room.

8. The Kitchen Table

Along with those timely get-togethers, there’s going to be plenty of eating. To compliment the holiday menu perfectly, use silver candlesticks topped with pinecones with a light, silver dusting glitter, or metallic spray paint. For an added touch, wrap the bases of the candlesticks in ribbon and adorn each side with blue or silver ornaments.

9. A Collage of Cheer

Instead of simply adorning your fireplace mantle with the Christmas cards you received, get creative with them and create a unique holiday piece. With a few small frames or several large ones, you can create a holiday gallery wall that’ll set the holiday mood.

The holidays are tailor-made for spending time with friends and family, and the more your decor matches the season, the more likely you and all of your guests will slide into the Christmas spirit. Use the tips above to give your home or apartment some unique decorations that your guests may have never seen before.

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  1. Nathan November 6, 2021 at 4:54 pm

    You don’t have to be normal! Thanks for sharing some neat ideas.

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