Real Canadian Superstore has a great collection of skeleton-themed decor for Halloween this year.

There’s snack bowls, goblets, cups, napkins and a wild collection of fun animal and insect skeletons. I thought they would be a hit with my kids and then Zacharie informed me octopi don’t have skeletons, some of the insects actually have exoskeletons – kids and their animals!

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Once I got him to suspend belief in the spirit of the season, he got on board with helping me come up with some creative ideas to turn a buffet table into a skeleton themed party menu. These whimsical skeletons make for perfect centrepieces of things that have been peeled off to be served.

Here’s a handful of skeleton-themed food ideas to pair with these animals skeletons to take your Halloween party to the next level.

Now let’s break it down, section-by-section to see you how you can bone up on your Shop Like A Mother Skeleton Skills to make the perfect Halloween party table!


The starring feature of my table is my dragon wings! This is such an easy recipe to DIY at home. I take a couple of pounds of fresh chicken wings and toss them in a freezer bag to spice up using a bag of PC Blue Menu taco seasoning. Then, after each wing has some dragon heat, I bread each one using Shake N Bake before baking in the oven according to the directions.

In under an hour, you have some baked, crispy, heat inducing dragon wings that would make Khaleesi cry. And putting them alongside a triumphant dragon skeleton?! Perfect for Halloween!


The deep sea octopus skeleton makes for the perfect seafood centrepiece. The way the tentacles come together in the front makes for an easy spot to drop in a dip.

Take apart some shrimp rings to pile up the pieces of fish, or dig into some baked calamari, or slice up some squid tubes for your own fresh adventure.


The long slimy eel is the perfect size to star on a charcuterie tray of elegantly folded salami and prosciutto. You could also mix in some crackers and cheeses, or vegetables (as I chose to do).

Another platter that would be perfect for the sea monster skeleton would be leaves of smoked salmon and sashimi, or maybe even as the centrepiece of a sushi platter!


As with everything, it’s the accessories that punch up a table to perfection. While the skeletons make great centrepieces, you can carry the theme further by serving rich vegetable juice or cranberry juice in skeleton goblets.

Dips for the veggies and chips take on the theme of the night when you pour them out into skeleton emblazoned coffins. Scattering skeleton napkins and party plates also hit the right note.


This idea comes courtesy my pal, Lunchbox Dad. It’s really simple. Just make a layered bean dip following your favourite recipe, then take a slice of provolone cheese and carve in Jack Skellington‘s face. Boom, it’s a Halloween party idea you can bring back at Christmas!


You don’t even need the skeleton centrepieces to have some fun at the kids’ table of your Halloween party. Dig deep into the fresh veggies at Real Canadian Superstore and build your own skeleton.

This could be fun to leave some pieces out and challenge the younger set to help complete your veggie skeleton to finish off the spooktacular theme.



These skeletons at Real Canadian Superstore are just the perfect inspiration for the season. And if you can find a unicorn skeleton (my store was sold out), it would be the perfect centrepiece for a dessert tray covered in gorgeous cannoli (unicorn horns!!)

Take a deep breath, use the inspiration around you, and make some magic.

That, my friends, is how you Shop Like A Mother and bring a perfectly themed Halloween table to your skeleton party – no bones about it.

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  1. Sam April 23, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    Damn this looks pretty cool! I like how the snacks are relatively healthy. My little brother hates veggies, and this could be good way to get him inspired to eat his greens! Very cool post.

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