Sailing brings along fabulous experiences, allowing you to see all the beauties of the seaside. Once you decide to sail away to Croatia with an entire family, the adventure becomes more exciting. One of the reasons is that Croatia is home to a vast array of islands, all waiting for you to visit. From Hvar to Brač, Mljet, Kornati, Rab, Lošinj and many others, the Adriatic Sea along the Croatian coast will be a true delight for an entire family to visit. The mainland features stunning coastline cities too, so take some time to anchor your yacht in their marinas, allowing the family to have the time of their lives.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok i.e., Long Island when translated, is one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands to sail to. No matter the part of the island you wish to explore, Dugi Otok offers awe-inspiring vistas and ever so amazing vacation for an entire family. While every part of the island is unique, we believe that the most spectacular area is the one on the southern end of the island – Telašćica National Park. Take a relaxing stroll to Telašćica’s stunning salt lake to witness some of the most magnificent views in Croatia. When you go back to the island’s western side, you can enjoy some cliff jumping that will make any adrenaline junkie’s afternoon.


When you start your Croatian sailing adventure, you must go to Korčula. This lovely island features marvellous vineyards, stunning olive groves, lush green forests, and fantastic sandy beaches worth the visit. Visiting the town Korčula will be a memorable experience on its own, as you’ll see breath-taking architecture that resembles those you’l see in storybooks. Think ramparts, towers and ancient gates coming from the one and only, Venetian influence. Summer is perfect for visiting, as the temperatures are perfect for enjoying the seaside and sightseeing. Visiting Korčula will quickly become one of your top Croatia yachting adventures, considering it offers plenty of activities and gorgeous sights for an entire family.


Just south of Split’s port lies Maslinica – a village in the heart of the central Croatian islands. If you’ve ever thought about visiting Šolta Island, Maslinica will be the best starting point. Everyone looking for peace and quiet alongside scenic beauty, idyllic beaches and fabulous sunsets will find their heaven on Earth precisely on Šolta island. Are you also looking to bring home some of the most unique locally made products? In Maslinica, you’ll have the chance to shop for schnapps, wine, honey and olive oil. Enjoy locally-made food in some of the best taverns on the island.


Have you heard of the Pula Film Festival? It’s one of the prestigious film festivals in Europe, hosted every year in the summer. If you sail to Croatia in the summer, check the dates for the festival and be a part of a unique Pula experience. Enjoy the town’s culture and history as the sun paints the perfect ambience for the entire family. The three-thousand-year-old history will offer a little bit of knowledge for everyone’s interest, so make sure you visit the old town and the iconic Roman amphitheatre.

Brijuni National Park

Next on the list of must-visit sailing spots in Croatia is the Brijuni National Park – a group of 14 islands and islets. Go to the home of almost 700 plant species and approximately 250 bird species. In Brijuni, you can still see the traces of dinosaur remains of Antiquity. Are you a fan of Safari? The island Veliki Brijun features numerous imported exotic species such as elephants, zebras, llamas, and deer. Worry not, you’ll be able to see the native species such as the rabbits or various birds.

Kornati archipelago

The Kornati archipelago consists of over 140 islands. Ever since it was established in 1980, The Kornati Islands Nature Park has become one of the most picturesque sailing destinations in Croatia. Thanks to its crystalline blue waters, unspoiled nature, and mesmerizing surroundings, the Kornati archipelago is the dream destination for everyone wanting to enjoy their yachting experience. Bring an entire family to the sailing trip so you can enjoy diving, snorkelling or kayaking. Don’t miss out on local food at some of the 50 inhabited islands, and sip your wine as you enjoy an authentic taste of the region.

Visiting Croatia on a yacht can be a wonderful experience for the whole family. That is especially true if you sail away from the mainland and begin your exploration adventure of all the lovely Croatian islands. Hop to some of the islands we’ve suggested and make the upcoming summer the best one yet.

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