5 Tips For Taking Toddler Pics

Early fall is the time when most babies are born (just check your Facebook friends’ birthdays right now), so a lot of my parent friends are asking me this right now: ‘How do I take great photos of my kids?’ As a professional photographer, here’s what I know will help you effectively capture your baby’s life in a fun and creative way:

1. Easy on the flash!
Unless you want scary red-eyed looking tykes, avoid the flash. The harsh, unflattering light caused by a flash can be avoided with most new digital cameras – unless it’s a dark room or by candlelight. Just change the ISO speed so that you have the right light to work with or find the ‘program’ mode which allows you to use the automatic feature.

2. Get on your knees.
Most people’s photos have their kids with their heads cranked up looking at the camera. Get down to their level to make them look more natural. This isn’t an absolute rule, and higher up can create some fun shots, but get into a habit of taking lower shots as well, so the background isn’t always the floor.

3. Set up the camera THEN the kids.
You all know that scene at a birthday party: 15 toddlers get set up on the couch and then moms scramble to get their cameras ready. Too late! Half of the couch crowd has moved on and you missed the money shot. If you’re going for a specific shot, always prepare the camera first.

4. Make them look fast!
As your little one cruises the house, move the camera in the direction that your baby is heading. This can cause a great motion blur and will convey the emotion of the moment. You’ll also have bragging rights as the owner of the fastest looking child!

5. Do something random.
Stop always being so cute a fluffy with the shots you take. Get into a habit of being randomly creative. Snap a shot of them in an empty grocery cart in an empty parking, or at a garage sale on the used book table. You already know the standard dog petting/potty training pics are on their way, so turn any scenario into a creative backdrop and make memorable shots that standout for a life time.


About the author: Kyrani Kanavaros is a Vancouver photographer that has taken hundreds of family and baby portraits. Kyrani can be reached for further questions at klikphotographic.com, and will likely respond to you with 2½ year old twin boys on her lap.

Photo from Kyrani Kanavaros. Used with permission.

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