Spring break season is here, gang and if you’ve got an escape planned for a beach or beyond, this is what you need to survive. We just got back from our annual February break and all of these were vital in making it through 6 days of margaritas, lounging, and relaxing.

1. Headphones

Everyone needs their own pair and I like bigger, over the ear style so they’re more comfortable and cancel out all the noisy noise on a flight. It could be a screaming kid, a howling engine, or my own screaming kids I need silenced so I can disappear into House of Cards or Suits or whatever. I’ll also pack along stock earbuds as back up, but I am all about the better quality and comfort of a bigger headphone, like the JBL Synchros E30 (above left).

2. External Batteries

The ABC rule of going on vacation is simply: Always Be Charging. You need to make sure you’re charging your device or a backup battery any time you’re near an outlet, because when you’re on the go you never know when you’ll be near an outlet again.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 3.08.18 PM

We have an army of Mophie power packs from the TELUS Store. The latest in our arsenal is the Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini which features a snug, tucked away adapter that can charge both with a lightning adapter or a micro USB. That should get the job done for everything in your bag.

These power packs are small, light, and versatile enough that you can toss it in a jean pocket. If an iPad ever runs out of juice on a road trip, you’ll be glad you had one of these. Also, if you phone is your camera (and you’re constantly pinging for WiFi on the road), you’ll love having these to top up your juice during the day.

3. Charging Cables

It’s that ‘go both ways’ flexibility that has me loving the Native Union Belt Cable Twin Head (above right). It’s a stylish, braided cable with adapters for both lightning and micro USB. The braided nature of the cable also makes it sturdier and more rugged than the stock cables. You’d hate to have it fray away on you while you’re on the road.

4. Roaming Plans

WiFi is virtually ubiquitous these days. Our Cabo resort offered it up for guests for free, which meant I was far too plugged in to email when I was on vacation. Still, we added the TELUS Easy Roam package to our regular TELUS plan, the per day fee lets us access our usual plan while on the road.

You see, when you’re a blogger / social media manager, you’re actually never on vacation, so having the freedom of being able to use my plan abroad let me get on a conference call with clients to help host a Twitter Party.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.02.25 PM

Not a bad view while you’re “working.”

And while life at an all inclusive resort can be all you really need, I still like to get off the resort and rub elbows with the locals. Away from the resort means leaving that free WiFi zone too, so its great to have the Easy Roam plan when you need to fire up the maps app to find a bus stop, a restaurant, or your way back home.  Having that data flexibility in your pocket is comforting when you travel.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 3.08.40 PM

I highly recommend you find your way to the Baja Brewing Company in San Jose del Cabo, by the way.

5. Peanut Butter

Seriously, just pack it. From picky kids, to a tummy that doesn’t do well if the food is a little too authentic, having peanut butter in your suitcase is a lifesaver. No matter what’s on the menu, you can always find some bread and to have that nice little jar with the two bears on it is comforting to know you (or your picky kids) won’t go hungry.

That’s how I work when I’m on vacation, how do you get it done?

Disclosure: I’m a a member of Team TELUS

The gadgets mentioned above are available online, or at your TELUS Store.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Easy Roam plan from TELUS.TELUS Easy Roam

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