It’s no secret: being a dad isn’t easy. You’ll likely enjoy raising kids and teaching them about the world, but they can exhaust you sometimes. It’s essential that dads take some time for themselves and relax however they can.

No two dads are identical, and one might like to do something the other doesn’t enjoy. However, certain activities exist that many dads find fun, and we’ll talk about five of them right now. If one of these appeals to you, you can give it a try if you’ve never done it before.

You Can Try Fantasy Football

If you’re a dad, you might have to spend time reading bedtime stories and changing soiled diapers. When football season rolls around, though, you can hopefully take a little time to watch the games and support your team. When you have older kids, you can even teach them about football if you feel they’ll enjoy that.

You can try fantasy football as well. You might join a league with some coworkers, or maybe your neighborhood has one. You’ll probably like winning and climbing the rankings if you know how to draft and create a competitive squad.

Reading DFS articles gives you a competitive edge if you want to play fantasy football. You can also find certain shows and podcasts to give you some tips. You can quickly learn how to put together a winning team, even if you’ve never tried fantasy football before this year.

You Can Have a Cookout

You might decide to take the kids to the park and have a cookout there. You can bring your spouse or partner as well, if you have one. We’re into summer’s dog days, and hot weather grips much of the country. Still, if you select an overcast day or one that’s not scorching, your whole family should enjoy the experience.

Mexican Chicken Burgers

You might bring along burgers or hotdogs, or you can try something more ambitious, like brisket or pork shoulder. You might feel better about doing those in a smoker or on your grill at home, though.

If you would prefer to stay close to home, buying a grill and setting it up on the deck may appeal. That way, you can also have an adult beverage, since you know that you don’t have to drive.

You Can Test Drive a New Car

Maybe you’ll decide you want a new car pretty soon. You might have an older model that has more than 100,000 miles on it. Once you pass that threshold, you may keep the vehicle for a while longer, but you should at least start thinking about trading it in for something new.

If you can afford a brand-new car with your trade-in, you might go to a dealership and test drive a few different options. Maybe you have a particular car brand you like, or perhaps you’ve got your eye on a dream vehicle with all kinds of exciting features.

Although you might think about a muscle car, you probably want one that’s more child-friendly. Don’t forget, you’ll likely have to drive the kids to school at some point. You need a large enough vehicle to accommodate them and one safe enough to never endanger them.

You Can Set Up a Man Cave

You may have somewhere in the house where you like to spend your downtime. Maybe that’s your den or living room. You probably share that space with the other family members, though.

You might have a place somewhere in the house that you can turn into a man cave. For instance, maybe you’ll section off a room in your finished basement and decorate it the way you like.

Your man cave might have a dartboard, a pool table, or a bar. Maybe you’ll have sports memorabilia down there or something else that appeals to you. You can spend some quiet time there if life ever feels overwhelming.

You Can Set Up a Beer Cellar

If you like an occasional adult beverage, you might set up a beer cellar in the basement. If you have an old root cellar where you can install some shelves, that’s perfect.

You can keep your favorite drinks cool down there. You might stock some different ones you like, such as IPAs or Belgian-style dark beers.

You can go down there and pick one out after a long workday or on the weekends. As long as you don’t overindulge, you’ll probably like having a nice selection on hand.

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