Everyone has a different relationship with money. It’s affected by your upbringing, how you view money as a resource, and how you define “success.” If the idea of money stresses you out, or if you aren’t happy with your personal finances, the best way to approach it is to improve your financial literacy and learn about financial freedom.

Financial freedom is all about defining your idea of success and building a better relationship with money. It’s about having enough cash for what you want and also making smart investments for your future. If you’re trying to achieve financial freedom, here are five reasons you worry about money and how to cope.

1. You’re living above your means.

The last year and a half have been rough on everyone. If you find that you’re constantly worrying about money, then you may be living beyond your means. This involves overspending and indulging in dining out, travel, or shopping.

Credit is tricky to tackle. The best way to approach this is to start budgeting. Use a mobile app to place limits on each spending category. You can also get some relief when you find the best credit cards in Canada with low interest rates and discounts for your favorite stores.

2. You have a scarcity mindset.

If you feel like you’ll never have enough money to feel comfortable, then you have a scarcity mindset. It’s a never-ending loop of thinking you’ll never be able to afford the life that you want. This is a behavior that can be a result of growing up in poverty or having a skewed perspective of money. When you grow up thinking it’s a limited resource, you approach finances with fear even with a disposable income.

Take charge of your mental health and change your relationship with money. Seek out counseling or family therapy. If this is the first time you’ve identified these behaviors, seek the help of a therapist to learn about what triggers your money worries. You deserve a safe space to talk about your mental health issues on a weekly basis. And it could very well be the best decision you make!

3. You try to avoid money as much as possible.

You know you have an unhealthy relationship with money when you try not to look at your bank account in fear of what you’ll see. But keep in mind, the longer you avoid your financial issues, the harder it’ll be to recover. It’s best to implement habits that put you on track for better finances long-term. Set yourself up for success by learning more about money instead of avoiding it. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, money is a necessity everyone has to deal with. Use tools like Wealth Rocket to learn more about how you can feel better about your personal finances.

4. You don’t have an emergency fund.

Around 40 percent of Americans struggle to afford a $400 emergency. Try to put yourself in a better position and start building a safety net. If possible, start with a $1,000 emergency fund using a cash advance apps and work your way up from there. You never know when your car needs repairs or if you experience an unexpected medical emergency.

5. You believe financial freedom is out of your reach.

You have to believe that you are fully capable of taking control of your finances and take the steps to make it happen. Change your perspective from scarcity to abundance. When you use the right tools to put yourself in a better place monetarily, you’ll experience less worry.

Some people set their sights high, while others aim for a comfortable living. You don’t have to be an expert to make better money decisions. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to be successful. Have faith in your ability to afford the life you want!

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