It was the perfect Sunday morning. We fired up the Sonos Play: 1 with our Vince Guaraldi playlist,  we plugged in the tree, we turned the TELUS Optik to channel 10 to have a nice fireplace crackling in the background.

And then we set to work on our gingerbread house.


No, it wasn’t a Gingerbread Millennium Falcon

No, it wasn’t Hogwart’s Castle

Find out how at Not Quite Nigella
Find out how at Not Quite Nigella

It wasn’t Snoopy’s dog house

via Red Car Baking Co.
via Red Car Baking Co.

It wasn’t a Game of Thrones epic

via Imgur
via Imgur

It wasn’t anything that would make Martha Stewart blush.

via Martha Stewart
via Martha Stewart

None of those come close to ours. Ours is the simple $10 kit from the grocery store. The one we get every year to decorate our Christmas table. This year we let the boys do it all on their own.


Zacharie was good for a bit. He helped fix up one of the sides and then .. well he enjoyed eating the gum drops more than putting them on the roof.

So soon it was all Charlie, sitting at the table, pretending he was an artist architect and putting some creative magic into the day.


My wife and I sat back on the couch, sipping a coffee, soaking up the sounds of the season as the Sonos Play:1 had Vince Guaraldi softly dancing on his piano, the fake fire on channel 10 crackled, and Zacharie joined us awaiting the next chance to scream “HAND!”

Last night was dramatic. Zacharie pieced together the Santa mystery and deemed us “the worst parents ever!!” for lying to him for his whole life before confessing “my heart is hurting, and my body is so confused” about the situation.

That was last night. Today was different. It was a day on a typically bitterly cold prairie Sunday spent inside as a family working together errr … watching Charlie work on a masterpiece.


Disclosure: I’m a  member of Team TELUS. 

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