The bunnies are coming, the bunnies are coming! Easter isn’t a very stressful holiday in the way that Christmas and Thankgsiving can dominate some family get togethers, but it’s still a big production that could use some streamlining.

Here are 5 simple Easter Hacks that I use to make my life a little easier each spring.

LEGO Easter Egg Parent Hack


Plastic Easter Eggs are the greatest. We have a bag of a hundred of them or so in our crawl space. Each year, I pull them out and fill them with bits of LEGO – from their collection – and then scatter them about the back yard.

Okay, I put a few chocolate foil eggs, or jelly beans in some too, but the point is the kids get their big Easter Egg hunt in the backyard without me having to go overboard on buying things.

And since the plastic eggs are reusable, and a nice protective layer, you won’t worry about chocolate melting, or getting dirty, or animals stealing your stash overnight.

Chocolate Bunny Easter Hack


No, they’re not going to eat all that. I mean, they probably could, but you probably don’t want them too. And the longer it takes them to eat all that, the greater the likelihood that you will eat some of that. So bake with it.

Murder that rabbit by chopping it in to all sorts of chunks. You can toss them in pancakes, cookies, and muffins, or melt them down for sauces.

Easter Crafts

We call empty toilet paper rolls around our house “doo de doos.” When the boys were younger they were turned in to trumpets and kazoos, now we keep a bucket of them in with our crafts for random things like: Toilet paper roll bunnies!

Cover the roll with construction paper, stick on some eyes, or draw them on, and then use pipe cleaners for ears. Boom. Fuzzy bunnies to hide around the home and an easy afternoon spent crafting.

Easter Egg Dip


If your Easter Egg decorating kit doesn’t come with little cups for dipping the eggs, use muffin tins and food colouring to create the different dipping stations. A whisk makes for a great egg dipper, and keep the original carton of eggs to use as a drying rack for your finished creations!


bunny hutch


Don’t supervise them when they build the gingerbread bunny hutch. Leave them to their own devices to make it however they want. Or not.

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