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[twitter]Despite having to wait 10 years longer than they would have liked for grandchildren, my parents still kept buckets of toys. Just in case.

This past week they brought the bucket that had the old Fisher-Price diggers in it with them to Invermere as they entertained the boys at the lake for the week.

Fisher Price Sand Toys - DadCAMP

As they bulldozed, and dug, and did what boys do in the sand, all the other kids around them stopped and stared. One by one they would come over and look at the toys my boys were playing with and the reaction was universal. “Coooooool,” one boy said as he asked to try out the digger.

I love watching kids in action with toys. There is no fear or ‘social protocol’ when they see something they like. They walk over, they ask about it, they make new friends. As Zacharie and Charlie led the other kids in a moat building exercise with these diggers I couldn’t help but think that they are nearly antiques.

I did the math. “My kids are playing with 40 year old beach toys,” I amazed.

Seriously, At 39 years old, the shovel digger shows no sign of wearing out and could easily make it another 11 to qualify it as an antique. The bulldozer is in even better shape.

Fisher Price Sand Toys - DadCAMP

To say “they don’t make them like they used to” would be an understatement. Look around your toy room and take inventory of the toys that will last multiple generations and still spur imagination. The Hot Wheels, the Thomas the Tank Engine, the LEGO, should all make the cut, but the rest?

Let me know in 39 years.

Fisher Price Sand Toys - DadCAMP

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