Christmas MorningWe start the Christmas season off right. The boys break their piggies open and buy some toys for girls and boys who might not have the best Christmas. They understand that part of charity and that giving is greater than receiving. But still, they receive so much.

I’ve asked for Christmas presence instead of Christmas presents before.

It didn’t work.

Christmas Eve, my wife and I will still find ourselves on Christmas Eve with too much. Too much stuff.

We don’t need stuff. We need experiences. We need memories. Fewer presents, more presence. Right?

I look at so many of the top toy lists and so many of those things exist for nothing. My kids have dozens upon dozens of toys they have played with once or twice or, for too many, never.

My kids don’t need more stuff, they need better stuff. This is why we do the 50/50 Birthday Party for the boys. They don’t need a dozen small gifts, they can have one thing they really want, and then they can learn about helping other people.

The 4 Gift Christmas Challenge is a way to bring that kind of moderation to the holidays. 4 gifts, that’s all that is necessary. That’s it. 4. You got to make them count. They’ve got to matter.

The 4 Gift Christmas Challenge

Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.

A ski helmet.
A new sweater
Some leveled readers.

4 gifts and you’re done.

No craziness at the mall, no stress. You celebrate the meaning of the season in more meaningful ways than what is ripped open and discarded on Christmas morning.

Family, peace, celebration, memories. That’s what Christmas is about.

Can you stick to the 4 Gift Christmas Challenge this year? Spread this pin at pass it on.

The 4 Gift Christmas Challenge

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