3D Movies For Kids Is A Waste Of Money

kid eating popcorn at movie[twitter]We packed up the family and went to see Madagascar 3 this past weekend. I’ll save you the $50 for tickets and popcorn; it’s not really worth it.

My 2 1/2-year-old fell asleep during our Saturday Matinee (expected, but he has stayed up through other movies like Puss in Boots). The 5-yr-old got spooked a couple of times by the evil animal investigator.

I don’t mind the animated fare that’s being served up for kids lately, we’re fans of the Ice Age franchise, and Despicable Me is an all-time fave, but this latest edition of Marty, Alex, and Melman isn’t that great. The funniest characters (penguins and King Julian) got less screen time to fit in the circus animals and it just didn’t come together.

Thankfully it only cost us $50ish, instead of $60+. We opted for the standard def movie experience instead of the 3D upgrade which is, more often than not, not worth it — especially for animated films.

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