18 Of The World’s Best Playgrounds

nishi rokugo toyko
A tire monster guards Nishi Rokugo in Tokyo - via Mentalfloss

[twitter]Kids + Playgrounds = Best Day Ever.

It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do with my kids. I climb up on that rock face, squeeze my butt down the slide and deke around the poles right there with them. Okay, part of the reason is that I’m worried my 2 yr old is going to hit a gap and go for a tumble, but still – I love it.

We try to explore different ones all around our neighborhood. There’s Yellow Park, Secret Park, Round Park, Tricky Park, Superhero Park, Windy Park, and more.

Every single one we go to is different, with a fun theme that my sons investigate with reckless abandon. Then, on the way home, each new find is christened with a name – which it makes it easy to determine which park they want to revisit. (Kids don’t do well with “you mean the one on 85th St?”)

Still, despite all the great parks we’ve found in our area (especially during this Screen Free Week), none come close to matching the genius and creativity of 18 of the World’s Most Amazing Playgrounds.

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