14 Parent-Invented Businesses

parent inventions[twitter]Do you have a great idea that could make parenting and family life easier?

If I ever got invited in to the Shark Tank to pitch, I would explain my idea for a better baby bib. Let’s be real: those pockets on the bibs don’t really do much. There is still a huge gap between the edge of the high chair tray, and the kid’s mouth and the clothes still get covered in food.

My baby bib idea would make it more like a kayak spray skirt. The bib would fasten around the neck, and actually attach to the tray. Yes, there would still be food all over the floor, but at least you won’t have to do a wholesale clothing change after each meal.

That’s my idea anyway. I’ve never prototyped it, or pitched it to business. Other parents, on the other hand, have some great ideas that are actually on the market.

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