[twitter]On Mother’s Day, surveys showed that Moms wanted time alone. They sought out some “me time,” a little space to relax away from the kids.

So on Father’s Day, are Dads allowed to go golfing, sit in the basement and watch sports, head to the pub for some beers with the boys? No. The expectation of Fathers on Father’s Day is that they spend time with the kids.

Let’s just call it Mother’s Day 2: Father’s Day.

Is Father’s Day A Day On Or A Day Off?

This weekend I’m going camping with my kids. Just me and the boys, my wife may join us but she’s not a fan of camping, so I’m not expecting her. I booked the trip months ago and the boys are thrilled. We are going to be camping in a park that is renowned for having a large concentration of fossils. They’re bursting with anticipation.

A few years ago, when I was a new Dad, I booked a golf trip to visit a buddy. As the day came closer, my wife mentioned, “That’s Father’s Day weekend, you know.” I hadn’t noticed. There was disdain in her voice when she commented on it after the fact. I skipped out Father’s Day to have some me time and that was a bad thing, was her point.

So what are the expectations of Fathers on Father’s Day?

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