Salad from my garden

The trend to eat local has never been more popular than it is in the summer. With backyard garden boxes bursting in foliage, how can you not take 5 steps into the backyard and break off a few leaves of lettuce?

When you have a fresh garden growing in the backyard, sideyard, or patio, you can easily eat what I call the 10 yard diet.

My garden got off to a rocky start this summer. Spoiled by an early, warm spring, I planted at the beginning of May instead of taking my own advice and waiting until the end of the month. My seeds struggled and less than 10% of what I planted ended up poking through the soil.

backyard garden lettuce

It became a blessing in disguise. I replanted the rows that didn’t sprout, and will end up having a staggered growing cycle. I have a few lettuce, beet, cucumber, and corn plants soaring above the others.

So instead of a bounty all ready at once, I’ll be able to stretch out the harvest season a little longer.

Garden growing
Some are tall, some are small.

Charlie has been my right hand this summer, helping water each morning (morning watering is better than evening), monitoring the growth, and helping me pick what we need for each evening’s meal.

Charlie gardening

And then there’s the neighbours. They’re the ones who I borrowed garden planning ideas from, and now we’re working together to feed our community.

Bundles of dill and parsley from one, potatoes from another, another asking me to harvest their early peas while they’re away camping. Mix it in with my fresh lettuce and, you see how the 10 yard (or 10 neighbour) diet can lead to a fresh, healthy, friendly summer of eating!!

fresh from the garden

So, my garden is making me proud. What do you have bursting in your garden this summer? Share it with the hashtag #IGrewIt and claim your bragging rights!!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Scotts Grow Crew.

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