Why I Will Never Buy A Mini Van

tv in the minivan

Last summer my wife and I had the mini-van debate.

We liked the size of the vehicles, the ability for the kids to sit in their own bucket chairs, and to eventually jam an entire soccer team should we pull the short straw to drive for the out-of-town game.

But there was one stopper that had me pulling the plug, putting my foot down, and vetoing the mini-van – video screens for the backseat.

Sorry to go old man on you, but if you put tv screens in your car, you’ve absolutely ruined your children.

I get that a minivan is a depressing parenting milestone for some, but pimping your ride with TVs in the headrest makes things worse, no better. Why? Let me explain ..

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Buzz Bishop is a Dad. Broadcaster. Writer from Calgary, Alberta. He is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in 2007 and Charles in 2010.

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