I’m just going to put it out there — I have no parenting strategy.

I did not study a script before the curtain rose on my life as a parent. I didn’t map out the life of my sons.

I am not a Tiger Mom (more accurately, not a Tiger Dad). I didn’t study attachment parenting, nurturant parenting, or slow parenting.

Babble Voices writer John Cave Osborne suggested last week that new parents come up with a mission statement they will apply to their parenting practices to keep them on track.

Nope, didn’t do that.

In this era of alpha-parenting, I have only one rule: don’t break the kid. It’s like I’m in one of those egg and spoon races, and I just want to get to the end without dropping it. I don’t know how I’m going to get around all the obstacles in the way, I will just solve each problem as it arises with the end goal in mind.

Does this make me a terrible parent?

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