CONTEST: In The Wake Of #ThankYouMom, Let’s Celebrate #RealDadMoments

mountain biking with zacharie

Part of the “work to do” with changing the perception of dads in media is celebrating the greatness of engaged fathers.

Enter #RealDadMoments. The hashtag is part of a campaign from Dove+MenCare in advance of the Dad 2.0 Summit later this month in New Orleans.

Here’s the contest announcement that was sent out this week:

As we approach the conference, Dove Men+Care hopes you’ll share some of your own Real Dad Moments—current or throwback—with our community online. To participate, just share your photos on Instagram and/or Twitter, being sure to:

Tag your new or old photos with the #RealDadMoments hashtag; and
Mention @DoveMenCare in your post.

And here’s the good part: All entries with these two references will automatically be entered in our #RealDadMoments contest, and five winners will receive one free night at the JW Marriott during the 2014 Dad 2.0 Summit!

The deadline for all pre-conference entries is January 24, 2014, and although you can enter as often as you like, there will be only one winning photo per person. 

Even if you’re not planning on attending the Dad 2.0 Summit, firing some pics out with this hashtag will do so much to change the perception of dads in media. Here are some more of my #RealDadMoments, I hope you’ll share some of yours and we’ll change the channel and celebrated engaged dads as full members of the family.


January 5, 2010. The day Charlie was born and Zacharie held him for the first time.

Charlie absolutely LOVES swimming lessons!

Charlie absolutely LOVES swimming lessons!

Climbing a bonafide mountain, the Bear's Hump, in Waterton Lakes National Park

Climbing a bonafide mountain, the Bear’s Hump, in Waterton Lakes National Park

Disclosure: I’m speaking at Dad 2.0 Summit and Dove+MenCare is a sponsor of the conference.

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Buzz Bishop is a Dad. Broadcaster. Writer from Calgary, Alberta. He is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in 2007 and Charles in 2010.

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