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Last summer I took an EZSeed Challenge to grow grass anywhere. I chose a nasty patch of grass near the corner of my driveway. Over the winter I’d chew it up with my shovel, the rest of the year, I’d drive over it as I backed out of the driveway.

I grabbed some Scotts EZSeed, watered it, and a few weeks later – boom! Grass! That was easy. This year, I’m taking the #EZSeedChallenge to another level by trying to see if I really can grow grass anywhere.

There’s a dead zone between houses, under a fireplace, and it doesn’t get much sun. The sod that was laid a decade ago has died.

My EZSeed Challenge

Can I bring this spot back to life?

Yes. Yes, I can.

All I did was rake up the area, lay down the Scotts EZSeed, and keep it watered. The product contains, soil, seed, and everything you need to, literally, grow grass anywhere. All you need is Scotts EZSeed and light (check out what they did in a basement).

I thought my spot would pose a tough challenge to Scotts EZSeed because it was in a back corner, between houses, where the light was limited.

Check it out:

Even with that terrible rocky patch of dirt in the dark, I grew grass. Here’s what happened!

A little caveat to my growing experience, I started very early in the season. When frost and snow were still a possibility (hey, that’s life on the prairies). If you’re getting after it now, in the warmth of summer, you’ll have quicker results.

A couple of other bloggers are in on this #EZSeedChallenge. How do you think my challenge submission compares with Ironic Mom and Little Miss Mama?

We’re all proof that it CAN be done! So I want to know where will you grow grass anywhere?


Scotts is challenging you to grow grass, and document growth, in an unlikely location.  An audience member who grows grass in a creative/unique place will win a $300 Ikea gift card.

Post your updates between now and July 19 to social media.

Make sure you tag me (@dadcamp on Twitter, on Instagram, DadCAMP on Facebook),  Scotts (@LawnGardenHelp on Twitter, @ScottsMiracelGroCanada on Instagram, ScottsCanada on Facebook ), and use the hashtag #EZSeedChallenge.

Here are the official rules, be sure to give them a read.

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Get yourself some Scotts EZSeed, plant it in your problem place, and then take some pics before and after. Show me why you picked the location. And then show the gloriousness of grassy life as every little seed sprouts into a full head of lawn hair. You could even make a fun gif of you stroking your grass.

I did.

grass massage gif

I know you’ve got an #EZSeedChallenge ready and waiting in your yard, let’s fix it and help you say #IGrewIt! I’ll choose one winner for a $300 Ikea Gift Card on July 21 from my Canadian entries who successfully complete the #EZSeedChallenge. Good Luck!!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Scotts Grow Crew. Contest open to Canadian entries only. Void where prohibited. Entries not following instructions in the official rules will be disqualified.

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