The Biggest Truck In The World

[twitter]Trains. Trucks. Planes. Cars. Boats. Helicopters. Diggers. Tractors.

They are the necessities of life for a young boy. And don’t get me on the gender bias thing, I’m NOT into big machines and the like, but from the moment we flipped the pages on our first Bright Baby books, both my sons were grabbed by things that make noise.

So imagine our delight when halfway through a 7 hour drive home from our long weekend getaway we saw a sign that said “Biggest Truck In The World 2km.” I told my wife, I don’t care if it’s a tourist trap, I’m stopping. The boys needed to run and this would bring a smile to their face big enough to get us through the next 3 hours.

The biggest truck in the world is a Titan 33-19 and is the pride of Sparwood, BC.

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The Titan was used in the 70s at the Kaiser Steel coal mine in Sparwood where it was used to haul 350 tons of rubble away from the coal seams in a single load.


Height: 6.88m
Length: 20.09m
Width: 7.57m
Top Speed: 48 km/h
Payload: 350 tons
Weight: 260 tons
Gross Power: 3300 HP
Fuel Tank: 3632 litres

None of those numbers mean anything to me other than to say, the truck was big. Super Big. HUGE. And we made it the rest of the way home without any stops. Mission accomplished!

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