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How Avicii Helped Me Rediscover What Being A Dad Blogger Is Really About

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany about what my role as a dad blogger is really about. After a few years of getting caught up in sponsored posts, I’m rediscovering the joy of saving and sharing my stories.


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How A Blog Taught Me How To Balance My Needs With My Family’s Needs

Nobody ever talks about personal life and family life balance. Starting a dad blog helped me find mine.

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Can Blogging Make You A Better Parent?

I’m a dad blogger. I’m one of the few Canadian dad bloggers. I write about life with my kids as a diary, and as a way to reach out to other dads to become a better parent.

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Who Are The Dad Bloggers In Calgary?

Is DadCAMP the only dad blogger in Calgary? Can a city of more than a million really have one dad voices blogging? Where are the Calgary dad bloggers?

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