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Kids. They Bring You Beer.

The reason we have kids is to do things for us. Like bring us beer.

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What Happens When You Dump A Beer On My Kid

Dump beer on my kid, and it’s on. You’ve heard of angry Mama Bears standing up for their children? Here’s my story of going full Papa Bear.

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These Are The Dads I Know #2: Meet Mike Heenan, The At Home Dad Who Etches Beer Glasses

Meet Mike Heenan, a blogger at At Home Dad Matters who also happens to have a wicked skill of engraving beer glasses with blog logos.


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Best List Of Grown Up Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars are not just for kids, check out these grown up advent calendar ideas that you can buy or DIY.

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Kids, They Bring You Beer

I’ve said it before, kids are like dogs. They drool, they roll over, and they’re perfectly trainable to do fun tricks. When they’re learning to speak, you can try and make them say “firetruck.” Or…

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Why Dads Have Beer Guts

We’ve always had them. Since we were old enough to go to a bar more often than study hall, we’ve had beer guts. It’s just that before we had kids, we could suck them in….

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