I’d like to thank everyone for praying for me after my post about why I will never take my kids to church.

I get that church is important to many of you. Fellow Kid Scooper, Kacy Faulconer, wrote a great post about how church helps her raise her family.

While I’m fully supportive of the charity and community that churches foster, there’s an entire underbelly that just doesn’t do it for me – the part that has white churches not marrying black couples, or the part where kids with down syndrome can’t get communion, or the part where pregnancy by rape is a “gift from god” – well, that and the fact that god doesn’t exist.

My editors have asked that I expand my previous post and give you some reasons how not believing in god can make you a better parent. So after the Mommy Wars, and the Daddy Wars, I give you the Holy Wars.

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