Naked Baby, Naked Daddy, And Trying To Set Boundaries For Nudity

Naked Baby

I dont have a problem being naked around my kids. it's not something I set out to do, but if it happens, it happens. We play Naked Baby, Naked Daddy, and it's mostly me just being silly. A HuffPo essay this week, however, has me rethinking parental nudity and how it can be used to teach our kids about their own bodies and body hangups.

Rednecks, Raves, And Keeping Your Kids Up Past Bedtime

Rednecks and Raves and Staying Up Past Bedtime

Keeping your kids up past bedtime is when the magic happens. Yes, having a strict bedtime regime is the priority of any reasonable parent, but... when you break it every now and again, and let your kids get out and experience the world (in this case, monster trucks and a rave) then the smiles come.

He Left His Wife And Daughter Home Alone. What They Did? Prepare To Smile!

Mom Daughter Lip Synch Frozen

It's not unique when parents play with their kids. Parents love their kids, they love to have fun. It's the norm, it's not an outlier, so stop treating dads who have fun with their daughters like they're a circus side show, or patting them on the head with "you're such a good dad." We're parents. We love our kids. There's nothing outlying about that.