Let’s be real. Children’s books can suck.

I would rather take my friend’s daughter and 9 of her friends to a Twilight marathon than have to read Robert Munsch‘s Love You Forever before bed time. It may be the 4th best selling children’s book of all time, but the creepy way the mother spies through the window gives me the chills.

There are dozens of others that I flip through at the library, get four pages in at nighttime and then just start ad libbing because the story is so terrible.

There is, however, an author I will gladly engage an “again” wish from kids every time they ask; Oliver Jeffers.

If you don’t recognize his name, you’ll easily remember his art work.

How To Catch A Star is the story of a boy who longs to own a star and eventually catches one. The Way Back Home is about the boy and his alien friend co-operating to get off the moon. Up and Down and our favorite, Lost and Found, follow the story of the boy and his best friend, a penguin.

In 2008, the simple tale of the boy and the penguin he found riding to the South Pole and back, Lost and Found, was turned into an animated special.

His pictures tell incredible stories and the words on the page are few. Jeffers‘ imagination is stunning. His story telling is simple. His artwork is subtle.

Simply, his books don’t suck.

What are your favorite (and least favorite) bedtime books?

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