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I love the look of lace up high topped leather shoes. When I see them on other guys I turn green with envy.

But I just can’t wear them.

I’m a “come home and kick my shoes off without touching them” kind of guy. The heels of all my shoes get crushed, as I use my toes to take them off, often without ever untying them

That’s why I love my Skechers Expected Avillo Slip-ons. I can crush the back of them putting them on, I can flick my heel and take them off. There’s no effort ever in these relaxed fit beauties.

ringo starr

Fun fact: Did you know Ringer Starr helped design them?

But my foot doctor doesn’t like these kind of shoes. They’re soft and cushiony, but there isn’t enough support for my feet. These shoes are a relaxed fit and so they don’t hold my arch properly meaning I’ve got a plantar forma – a foot issue that can’t be solved with surgery and likely only gets worse.

The only way I can really help things is by wearing firm, supportive shoes.


I’ve been mostly wearing running shoes lately, the same kind of shoes I wear when I do my Team Diabetes training, but that’s not quite stylish enough when I need to go somewhere a little more upscale, so I went shoe shopping for some new kicks at Marks.

That’s when I found those awesome lace up chukkas up top. There were so many different styles with felt, leather, in the rich browns and blacks. I imagined  myself in all the awesome Instagram goodness I see in the Marks feed

I went to the store and tried them on.

And they were delicious. My legs were a little short and stumpy compared to the lean models on Insta, but the shoes were great. And then I tried to kick one pair off to try the next and the hate-on I have for high top lace ups came screaming back.

I couldn’t go there. I just couldn’t.

So I looked for these great Denver Hayes Chelsea Markham boots (also discovered on Insta), and stylish brown Denver Hayes Boston shoes (I can hack a low rise lace up, because they’re easy to kick off).


Marks boots and lace up

Both shoe styles offer me support, both shoe styles are easy to kick off. Sold!!

Daddy has a new pair of shoes to rock in my everyday jeans and I might have a chance to look good on the rare occasion I try to suit up!

With the October shoe sale on at Marks, I grabbed a third pair of more casual kicks and tried my hand at being an Insta Star:

Denver Hayes Logrono

Are you #TeamLaceUp or #TeamSlipOn? I asked my followers on Twitter, and here’s how they reacted:

Cast your vote with the contest form below and enter to win a $100 gift card from Marks for your own new kicks! There’s a shoe sale on at Marks for the rest of the month!

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This post is sponsored by Marks Canada

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