My mom did something pretty genius as she was waited nearly 20 years for her kids to move out of the house and watch her grandchildren grow.

She saved our old toys.

The wooden cars, the Matchbox racers, the Fisher-Price little people. My mom’s not a pack rat, she just knew the good stuff would come in handy again one day, and while it took a while, she eventually got to use that old toy box in the corner of her home office.

As we visited my parents this past week, my boys spent hours on the carpet playing with the same toys I did 30+ years ago. I often wonder which of the toys my boys are playing with now that will find their way into a Rubbermaid bin and dug up again decades later, for their children to play with.

The Thomas trains and tracks will be saved, and the Lego will find its way to a safe place until it’s needed again, but most of the toys my kids have are garbage. They either don’t last or they don’t hold the imagination of my children longer than it takes to open the box.

I don’t want to go old-man on you, but they don’t make toys like they used to. After the jump, the vintage gear that still makes them smile, and what it would be worth on the Antiques Road Show:

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