Apart from a drawer lock in the kitchen where we keep the knives, we haven’t uber-baby-proofed our home.

We didn’t put up baby gates on the stairs. We didn’t lock off the cupboard under the sink. We don’t put helmets on our kids when they were learning to walk.

We’ve used common sense to keep the things they can get at out of reach. We don’t buy our sons hoodies with strings, we always wear a helmet when we ride our bikes, they stay within arm’s reach on the playground, we stay in the same room to play, and we keep an eye out for what they’re up to.

Have a look at this picture and tell me if you think there’s anything terrible about how it’s laid out – if there are any super dangers you could find.

My oldest son found one.

Zacharie (4) and Charlie (2) were playing in the room with our nanny when Zacharie decided he wanted to play “jungle guy.” He stood on the table, pulled on the blind cord, wrapped it around his neck.

Our nanny says she tried to talk him down and said “don’t do that”, but she wasn’t fast enough. He jumped.

We were lucky. Zacharie ended up with just a really bad rope burn around his neck. He looked like an extra out of CSI or Dexter. The cord ripped into his skin almost all the way around.

The room looked innocent enough. We always have the blinds down so the cords are high and out of reach. But the combination of adventurous 4 year old, slow nanny and table under the window almost added up to our son becoming a statistic.

I am trying to practice free range parenting void of irrational fears around my kids. But I might just wait a week or two to get back on that program, I’m hugging my son too damn tight right now.

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