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Struggling for a theme for your big game / big night viewing party this February? Make it all about Matt Damon.

No matter what the occasion – from Vince Lombardi to Oscar – Matt Damon is your party inspiration and Matt Damon‘s taco recipe is what you need to bring the smiles to your get together.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts native’s Patriots have appeared in six title games in the recent past (make it seven this year), winning four championships (if Tom Brady gets a fifth, he’ll have the most all-time).

On the red carpet, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Good Will Hunting and Damon can celebrate that occasion as producer of one of the front running Oscar films, Manchester By The Sea.

So whether you’re celebrating the big game, or getting glammed up for the big night, Matt Damon is relevant across the board and that’s why you need Matt Damon‘s taco recipe.

Bring Him Tacos

In a Reddit AMADamon served up his recipe for the perfect taco. It includes a hard shell with ground beef hot enough to melt the cheese, plus a little bit of lettuce and tomato, hot sauce and a squirt of lime.

OEP ingredients

Basic and simple. That’s it.

“My ideal taco is actually the taco we have on taco night at my house.  It’s the crunchy corn shell with the good meat, just ground beef in there.”

oep taco night

“The meat’s gotta be hot, and the cheese goes on first so that it melts.”

hot meat and cheese

“And then you’re gonna get in there with a little bit of tomato and lettuce but not too much cause it’s not a salad, it’s a taco.”

not a salad

“and then you’re gonna throw some avocado on top and some sour cream. It’s all about the layering. “

matt damon taco

“Throw a bunch of [hot sauce] on there, maybe squeeze some lime on top, and go to town.”

oh yeah


I had no idea, that Matt Damon was such a taco genius. Seriously .. like none. It’s the hot sauce mixed with the creamy sour cream and avocado that knocks this one for me. And the hot melty cheese. And the crunchy shells. There are just soooo many textures in here that .. wow. I have been eating tacos wrong my entire life.

Matt Damon has, absolutely, completely, and totally knocked this taco recipe out of the park.

good will hunting tacos

I love them tacos, Matt Damon. Thank you.

Here are some extra ideas to kick up your taco table for the football or red carpet events of the year.

1. Pick condiments that represent the uniform colours of the teams playing

Black – olives
Green – onions, jalapenos, peppers or lettuce
Red – tomatoes or peppers
Yellow – peppers
And to cover anything else not easily found in food? Use food colouring in the sour cream!

2. Pick proteins and styles popular from the cities or films

If Manchester By The Sea is your pick, get some extra Old El Paso Refried Beans on the table, or maybe some lobster, same thing for New England.  La La Land demands some Baja-style fish tacos (and the Old El Paso Baja Fish Taco Kit is bang on the money). If you’re cheering for Atlanta, make up some chicken tacos and call it ‘falcon meat?’ – okay, maybe that’s something Pats’ fans would do.


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