Why Do You Take Your Kids To McDonalds?

no mcdonalds

My 5-year-old has never been to McDonald’s. Never. Never ever.

I don’t want to say it’s my single greatest parenting achievement, but after reading Mommyfriend’s fast food confession, I’d have to say it’s close.

We can drive past a mile of Golden Arches on the roadside and there wouldn’t be a peep from the back seat. The brand and the logo means absolutely nothing to our kids.

It’s not hard to avoid the seductive lure of the stuff, if you just apply a few simple tactics.

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  1. @Robin
    Which is exactly what McD wants you to do. To turn their fast food into fun. So we go to the parks and playgrounds that are outside.

  2. I live in a rainy place. We do playgrounds and parks, even when it’s only lightly raining. There aren’t a lot of inexpensive, indoor playgrounds! If a healthier restaurant made a play land, you’d better believe we’d pick them before McDs.

  3. Guess what! Nobody cares. I absolutely hate the way north americans do psychological terrorism about everything related to parenting. Seriously, all of you sound like maniacs. In my country we eat super healthy: rice, beans, veggies, meat, super balanced meals and guess what we like McD sometimes…call the cops!!!

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