Hey Jimmy, I Silverstoned My Kids

Jimmy Kimmel gets it.

You can have your Dave, Jay, Conan, and Jon - I’ll take Jimmy.

He gets what it means to be parent. Actually, he gets what it means to be a bad parent. And being a bad parent is so good.

We’re so wrapped up in making sure everything is good and wholesome and perfect for our kids, that we forget to have fun with them. Jimmy brings the fun back into parenting.

At Halloween he asked parents to eat all their kids’ candy, and post the videos on YouTube. At Christmas he asked parents to give the kids a terrible present, and post the videos on YouTube. At the Super Bowl he had people unplug the tv at the climax, and post the videos on YouTube.

Now with Alicia Silverstone‘s “bird-feeding” make the viral rounds of the web the past week, Jimmy has incited parents of older kids to “Silverstone” their kids, and post the videos on YouTube.

See the results after the jump.

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