20091007 roadhockey

The one thing I rave about the most about being a dad is the ability to reimagine life by seeing it through the eyes of my children.

Having a toddler discovering everything for the first time resets your odometer and lets you relive the magic of bubbles, marshmallows and the moon.

Zacharie seriously jumps up and down if we’re out at night and he’s sees the moon.

He’ll scream, waving wildly.

Recently Zacharie has taken to road hockey. As you can imagine, it was proud day in Canadiana when we took to the driveway with sticks in hand to pass an orange ball back and forth. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers talks about the 10 000 hours it takes to master a skill. Z has about 9990 left before he makes the NHL.

My favourite part of these road hockey passing sessions are when we hovers of the ball before taking a shot and announces “I’m Daniel. You’re Roberto.”

The first 2 hockey posters he had were of Daniel Sedin and Roberto Luongo. His proclamation takes me back to the days when I would imagine myself as Ken Dryden, Richard Brodeur or Guy Lafleur.

He’s only 2 and a half and already his imagination is running wild to pretend to be the superstars he sees on the ice. He even lets his role playing run to The Backyardigans where he will announce he’s Tyrone, Jen is Uniqua and I’m Pablo.

A child’s enthusiasm for life and fresh perspective on the world and naked ambition to be anything in the world at anytime… it’s what I love about being a dad.

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