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I know I was born to move, but it is so easy to sit and flip through my phone for an entire day. So easy.

I installed the Moment app on my phone to tell me how much time I spend with my face in a screen – it’s about 5 hours a day of reading Twitter, Facebook, Insta, and not much of anything.

Five. Hours.

I bounce between the apps looking for something exciting to inspire my brain. I look across the couch and I see my kids nose deep in a game, my wife with the same blank screen stare that I have.

This isn’t good. Staring at a screen is easy, but it’s not the best way to unwind, recharge, and feel better. If you want to be happy, you need to get off the couch, and go outside.

Pennsylvania State researcher Amanda Hyde reports, “We found that people who are more physically active have more pleasant-activated feelings than people who are less active, and we also found that people have more pleasant-activated feelings on days when they are more physically active than usual.”

So this summer we have new rules: instead of driving the short distances to soccer practice, we ride our bikes.

When it’s time to look after our community garden, we ride our bikes.

Instead of having a freezer filled with treats for hot summer nights, we ride our bikes the 5 blocks for a milkshake or a cone.

Less couch time, more bike time. Less couch time, more happy family time.

This is such a simple solution that so many of us struggle with. We are fighting to find time to get out and get active as we balance our busy family schedules. My solution? Mix them together.

Even if taking a bike doesn’t fit your crunched commuting schedule, there are still ways to make family time, move time.

If your kids are in swimming lessons, you can do some laps in the pool next to their lessons. If your kids are at a soccer game, you can plug in your favourite podcast in your headphones and do laps of the field. You won’t miss any of the action, and you’ll get some steps in.

Our kids are of an age now where we can take them to smaller golf courses, and we look for family night deals to spend some time outside as a family doing something my wife and I love, and my kids are happy to learn.

Our generation is moving less. It’s bringing on an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, and teaching our kids bad habits. So let’s be the ones reminding them we are #BornToMove!

Dr. Scholl’s knows our happiest moments are spent in motion – when we move better, we move more. By providing comfort and relief, Dr. Scholl’s allows you to stay energized, with less pain and strain on your joints and muscles so you can do more of the activities you love.

When we move in ways we enjoy and that makes us happy, we are more likely to continue that behaviour for longer.

That’s why I got a brand new bike for this summer! Mine was old, it wasn’t comfortable, and so while my kids would ask to go and hit the trails near our house, I wasn’t into it.

So, inspired by Dr. Scholl’s and #BornToMove, I picked out a brand new one!

Now I have something fresh, lighter, easier to use, more comfortable, and I have day trips plotted to visit new bike trails and explore more this summer.

I will move more because I took a step to make it easier, and better. And you can too with Dr. Scholl’s!


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Pain or discomfort should never stop you from doing what you were born to do.

With over 100 years of biomechanics research, Dr. Scholl’s knows best how to work with your body to support better movement.

By providing comfort and relief, Dr. Scholl’s allows you to stay energized, with less pain and strain on your joints and muscles so you can do more of the activities you love.

I use Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series™ Replacement Insoles to reduce shock by 40 percent and can help to alleviate pain from sports-related injuries, such as shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis, a painful condition affecting the heel and arch of the foot.

These insoles are specially designed to include a triple zone for full foot protection:
1. Ball of foot padding improves cushioning and helps distribute pressure throughout push-off
2. A reinforced arch design improves transition of weight from landing to push-off
3. Heel cups absorb the impact of your steps and are highly responsive

These insoles also feature DryMAX™ technology in a 3-D weave top cloth, which helps to eliminate odour.

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