DadCAMP 3 is scheduled for a night out at the rink, The Vancouver Giants host the Seattle Thunderbirds at the Pacific Coliseum, 5p on Sunday, November 15, 2009.

DadCAMP is all about Dads who love being Dads getting together with other Dads and our kids. While we’re a Dad-centric group, we’re not exclusive. If Moms want to come along and cheer on the Giants, they’re more than welcome.

Tickets for DadCAMP 3 will be around $16 each, and you’ll be responsible for your other incidentals. The game is an early start so the toddlers can make it out and, hopefully, last longer than a period. This DadCAMP event is also more appropriate if you’ve got older kids, or maybe you want to come with your Dad!

I’ll have ticket information to get us all sitting in the same section soon. Please RSVP to the post if you want to attend and I’ll contact you with the details.

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