Playing Hide And Seek With Nature

Daddy, Can I Go And Play Hide And Seek With Nature?

We were camping at Lake Louise a few weekends ago. The tent was set up, we had just gone for a little explore around the campground, and I was starting to make dinner.

There was a wooded area behind our site, and Zacharie announced “Daddy, I’m going to go and play hide and seek with nature, okay?”

Are you kidding me? Cute overload. Loved it.

“Yes, Zacharie,” I smiled. “You can go and play hide and seek with nature.”

He bounded off into the forest giggling to himself as he ducked and dodged between trees, bushes, and over logs.

“I just love nature so much, Daddy,” he said when he came back to the site a few minutes later.

Take your kids outside, you never know what will happen.dadcamp fire

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Buzz is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in May 2007 and Charles in January 2010. Buzz is a radio guy who enjoys building bridges between old and new media. Follow buzz on Twitter @buzzbishop and check out DadCAMP on Google+

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