How Jess Greenberg Changed Her Look To Become A YouTube Star
Images via YouTube

I was married in a previous life.

My ex-wife had a tween daughter when we met and over the 4 years we were together I watched her daughter grow from wearing awkward hoodies to very tiny tank tops. As grade 10 hit, her wardrobe changed overnight. Zippers didn’t go to her kneck anymore, they stopped halfway up.

It’s an interesting growth in self-awareness to watch in teen girls as first they become embarrassed by their body changes and then seem to become empowered? I don’t know if that’s the right word.

Jess Greenberg is a YouTube star from London. She’s got a great voice and puts out powerful, interesting, and unique covers of popular songs on her acoustic guitar.

Jess has been YouTubing for a long time. She started when she was in her mid teens

Jess is now 18, and over the past couple of months, her look has changed a little bit.

Her talent hasn’t changed, Jess still can play and sing with skill.. but.. tanktops? Push up bras? Well, wouldn’t you know it, while Jess’ early videos which brought in 280 000 views her new look has click throughs measuring in the multi-millions.

Is it smart? Is it slut-shaming to bring it up? Is it just what happens when kids grow up? I had a peek at this sort of transformation with my ex-wife’s daughter. It was not something I’d want to go through from start to finish and I’m glad to be the dad of 2 boys.

FWIW, Jess Greenberg‘s Highway to Hell video has more than 5M views as of this posting. That would be about $10k in Adsense revenue from one video, that is if she gets to keep all the money by performing the works of other artists.

I’d love to hear the opinion of fathers of daughters? How do you teach your girls self-respect? Do you have a problem with Jess’ videos?

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