2008-08-18 nathans famous

The first rule of sports is: give it to the kid.  If a puck goes over the glass, if a ball goes into the stands, if a player is handing a stick over the boards, the rule is: give it to the kid.

When I went to the Flames game last month, Jokinen flipped a puck over the glass at a young kid.  It went a row further than he wanted and a big guy with a beer grabbed it, and stuffed it in his pocket.  Wrong.

Give it to the kid is such an entrenched rule that one father died trying to make it happen.  Shannon Stone leaned over the fence at the Texas Rangers‘ stadium trying to make sure his son caught a ball. He had caught a ball at his first game, and he wanted to do the same for his son. He leaned too far, and died.


So it’s unfortunate to see this scene play out last night  at Rangers’ stadium.  Player tosses ball into crowd, kid wants ball, douche gets ball and gloats. Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay lit up the fans. “Oh, my God, they can’t give it to the kid?”

Yes, give it to the kid.

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