They Used To Call Me Spaz – A Personal Story Of Bullying

Buzz Bishop - Goalie, 1979
Yes, I was an intimidating presence in the nets. Me, age 9, in 1979

I said I was going to get more personal on the blog, so here we go.

The first time I remember getting bullied was at a summer hockey camp. I was maybe 11. I was small for my size, and I wore glasses. I was a goalie.

Spaz, they called me. During the breakaway drills that had players come at me one-on-one, they chanted louder and louder from the sideliness. “Spaz. Spaz. Spaz! Spaz!! SPAZ!!!”

I had no idea it was a line from Meatballs. I had no idea it was about a classic nerd character who wore glasses held together by tape.

Then, in my first year in high school I would get teased on the bus. “Do you cream your jeans?” they would ask me.

“Sure,” I said, not knowing what was going on. “My mom washes my jeans.” I had no idea they were using teen sex slang, I just thought “cream” meant “soap.”

“Do you like to eat out?” they’d ask.

“Yes,” I would reply still clueless. “I eat out with my family.”

Howls of laughter would ring down the bus.

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