Why Is Everything A Gun?

A child has been suspended from my son’s preschool. He said he was going to go to a gun store, buy some guns, and bring them to school to kill the teacher.

That was 2 weeks ago, the school suggested he finish the school year early and not come back.

My oldest is 5. The age where everything is a gun.

A banana. A lego brick. A blanket. An airplane.

He can turn any toy he plays with into a gun.

There has been much discussion about gun play on Kid Scoop in the past. Jen is okay with it, Devan discourages it. My wife and I try not to make it happen.

We live in a city, guns aren’t a part of our lifestyle, and while I get that young boys are searching for superheros and the balance of good and evil, we’re trying to walk the line where guns are not a part of our family dynamic.

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