Minnie Mouse 1975 vs 2013

Zacharie visited Disneyland last month with his grandparents. His first visit. When he came home and showed me his autograph book, and as I flipped through the photos my parents had taken, I realized how little things have changed in nearly 40 years at the happiest place on earth.

Main Street looked the same in California as it did in Florida nearly 40 years earlier. Minnie was still cute, Donald still has no pants, and Goofy is still a ham.

It’s a land caught in time.

Cameras, on the other hand, have vastly improved. I still have the scrapbook that my grandmother made for that visit in 1975. She hand wrote a diary for me every night explaining what she did and saved everything from the airline ticket receipt to motel pamphlets. You can read part of that original diary here.

You can see more of his first visit to Disneyland at Babble.

Here’s a side-by-side look at at Disney then and now from my trip and Zacharie’s.

main street parade disney

in bed at disneyworld

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