Did You Circumcise Your Son?

Did you circumcise your son?

We did. Twice. Well, actually once for each son.

Jen didn’t like seeing Zacharie strapped to a body board the first time, so I had to take Charlie solo for his snip.

Our reasons were simple: Daddy did it, so the boys would have it done too. We weren’t deep into the politics of the decision, it was something we never really questioned.

Still, the politics of circumcision run wild, so I found it very amusing that my colleague, Ryan Lindsay at AMP Radio in Calgary, would write up this fun poem as his son is about to get snipped.

Push aside the politics, laugh, and share.

Funny Poem About Circumcision

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Buzz is married to Jennifer and has 2 sons. Zacharie was born in May 2007 and Charles in January 2010. Buzz is a radio guy who enjoys building bridges between old and new media. Follow buzz on Twitter @buzzbishop and check out DadCAMP on Google+

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