[twitter]The backyard is better than the basement. Ever since I joined the Hot Wheels Connector Club, the boys have been pushing the limits of their box of bright orange track. We packed it along for a camping trip in the Alberta Badlands, they’ve snaked it all over the basement, and now it’s in the backyard.

Awesome. Summer vacation is here, and Hot Wheels is a perfect backyard activity. They climb the track off the back deck, through loops, into pitched curves, and over jumps. Splashing water with the Sharkbite Bay colour shifter set is no big deal when it’s outside, amiright?

Hot Wheels Track Builder CONTEST

The boys work together on the sets in a creative, team-building effort. There isn’t (as much) conflict and crying, there is a sense of achievement, accomplishment, and they play for hours. From good guys chasing bad guys, to circus layout, to pushing the limits of physics, Hot Wheels just might be my favorite backyard toy for the summer.

Hot Wheels Track Builder CONTEST


Here’s a chance for your kids to get in on the action with a giveaway of $50 worth of Hot Wheels products (including Monster Jam Truck, Quick Kick Loop, Speedometer, Curve Pack, Launch Pack, Basic Car Assortment, Mutant Machine, and Color Shifters). The prize will be sent to you directly from Hot Wheels Canada, and must be accepted as awarded. This contest is open to Canadian residents only, enter with the form below:

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After your kids get creative with the kit, upload the photos to The Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge for a the track you built on your camping trip to for a chance to win a huge party for your kids hosted by Hot Wheels.

DadCAMP is a member of the Hot Wheels Connector Club and we received the track you see above as part of our participation on the panel.

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