what's your gumergency

[twitter]Canada, we are facing a Gumercency as bad breath situations are widespread. and we are caught without gum on hand.

Have you ever been in an office meeting, only to discover your colleague had an extreme case of bad breath? Can you recall an amazing first date, when you were sipping on an espresso and realized your breath was less than stellar?

These are a few examples of awkward social situations that can be classified as a Gumergency – a situation where you (or someone you know) is in desperate need of gum.

With National Coffee Day coming up this weekend, EXCEL® Gum wants Canadians to enjoy the coffee beverages they love while avoiding uncomfortable scenarios. They have created a Gumergency Kit loaded with gum and mints to store away so you’re prepared the next time your breath needs freshening in a pinch.

what is a gumergency

A recent EXCEL® Gum survey (above)shows 3/4 of us have had co-workers badly breathe on us. Just more than 1/2 deal with it from a spouse, while just left than half come face to face with it on public transit.

So, how do you handle a Gumergency?

More of us simply say or do nothing in public. We’re polite Canadians, amiright? 60%, however, have confronted their spouse about it.

Next to ignoring, most of us agree the best way to politely deal with a stinky smile is to offer them some gum. 🙂

“It’s not much fun having to deal with a bad breath emergency, whether it’s someone else’s or your own,” says Laura Amantea, Wrigley Marketing Manager. “To add a lighter side to these often awkward situations we’ve set up a Gumergency hotline, 1-855-EXCEL-IT, to give Canadians ideas for managing some of these bad breath moments – at home, in an elevator, at work and everywhere in between.”

Chances are you’ve faced your own Gumergency. Enter below and win the Gumergency Kit so you’re prepared the next time bad breath strikes!

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what's your gumergency

Thanks to Wrigley’s Excel Gum for sponsoring this post by donating to Team Diabetes Canada.

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