climbing apple tree

[twitter]I love autumn best.

The air is brisk, yet it is warm. The sun is at a perfect angle to make the trees light up with their foliage. The fashion is cozy, and functional.

Fall is also time to get back in the kitchen.

Last year I planted 2 apple trees in our back yard. This year, we got a harvest – of 3 apples.

The neighbours across the street, however, have a huge apple tree in their side yard. They are trying to sell the house and moved away in the summer.

When I saw the house sit empty in August, I knew what I would be doing come late September.

climbing apple tree


This morning, to celebrate the first day of fall, the boys climbed the tree, picked a bushel of apples from the neighbors, and then climbed our own golden spice pear tree to fill up another bowl.

climbing apple tree

My recipe is simple: peel and cut as many apples and pears as your hands can handle before tiring out.

Simmer the fruit in a deep pan with a few pieces of cinnamon bark, or cinnamon sticks adding 1/2 cup of water as you go, stirring often to break down the apples.

When everything is falling apart, break out your potato masher to make it a nice, chunky apple sauce.


how to make applesauce

Welcome to fall, the season of climbing trees, and making some 100 ft diet applesauce.

I wrote a list of all the reasons I love autumn for Babble. What are yours?

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