The Forgotten Second Child

I wouldn’t have missed my first son’s first birthday for the world. He was my first born. My son. A piece of me that I somehow didn’t destroy in his first year of life. That first birthday was a huge accomplishment for all.

This week it is my second son’s first birthday and I’m going to be in Las Vegas. It is for work, not pleasure, but it’s still not sitting well with my wife.

I’m the eldest in my family, my wife was the third. Her parents didn’t attend her high school graduation ceremony remarking “we’ve already seen two.” Now you can dismiss that as uncaring and horrifying, but it does sum up a sentiment that creeps into family life the second and third time around.

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Man of The House: Snip Tuck

After my second child was born, my wife and I decided that two was the magic number. To prevent any future surprises and another nine months and labor, I decided to take one for the team and go for it. Yes, I had a vasectomy. Besides the obvious horrifying sight of a scalpel, scissors and hot iron the experience was a lot like you’d expect.

Check out how I made the decision and the true story from under the knife.

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Man Of The House: DIY Baby Food

There are two skills to master for making your own baby food: boil and puree.

Sure buying your baby’s foods at the grocery store is easy, but if you want a little more involvement in what your baby eats, try making it. Once your baby can eat solids, it’s easy to serve foods you already have in your kitchen. Majority of recipes only require you to boil and puree.

Here are a few recipes and guidelines to test your ability with baby foods.

Man Of The House: Digital Kids

Is your baby on Facebook?

As popularity in social networking sites and YouTube continue to grow, sharing photos and videos of your children is done now more than ever. 92 percent of toddlers in America have public photos online. Whether or not your family is part of this statistic, you should keep an eye on who is viewing your child’s photos. In midst of this sharing, be aware of the potential dangers and benefits of posting your child’s photo online.

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