How To Find The Right Bike Size

I Got A New Bike For My Birthday

A spring birthday is awesome.

Every couple of years you can be guaranteed of a big birthday present.  With my oldest turning 5 at the end of the month, that big birthday present came early in the form of a new bike.

Talk about the best day ever.

Children’s bikes are measured by tire size. ¬†They start at 12 inches and take leaps from there to 24 inches and beyond.

Bikes with 12 to 18 inch wheels are usually found with training wheels already attached, the 20″ and up models are for those closer to 10 yrs of age.

Here’s a children’s bike sizing chart for kids to help you gauge where you should be looking in the store, remember it’s just a guide and you should get your kid to hop on for sizing before you buy it.


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