Buy Your Wife A Vacuum And Win

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Domestic Goddess

Moms like appliances and flowers. Dads like barbecues and tools. Those are the stereotypical messages marketers will blast at us for the months of May and June.

They’re based on old-school gender roles that say Moms run the family, and house, while Dads rule the yard and garage. Okay, I’ll give you that is most likely the case, but roles have evolved in many of our families to the point where we’re all doing everything.

Still – some will bristle at the notion that Mom receive an appliance or some other housework related tool for Mother’s Day. The opposition says it underlines what Moms have to do around the house and enslaves them even more to the chores instead of giving them free time for themselves. There’s nothing indulgent about receiving a vacuum for Mother’s Day. Or is there?

I bought my wife a vacuum for Mother’s Day last year and guess what? She loved it.


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