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Welcome to DadCAMP, a Canadian dad blog written by Buzz Bishop.

The site is accessible for all parents wanting to share stories about their kids, discover new things to do with their family and get tips and tricks to navigate the parenting minefield.


Like many parents who faced an employment hiccup, Buzz was looking for something to occupy his time in between jobs and started DadCAMP in the fall of 2009 as a way to get out and network with other dads.

The idea was to duplicate the unconference style of BarCamp, DemoCamp and the like to encourage monthly meetups for fathers to get together with their kids and make new friends, share ideas, and have fun. DadCAMPers attended hockey games, train rides, and toured pumpkin patches.

The site has since evolved into a discussion about parenting issues, the portrayal of fathers in media, personal confessions, and cute stories about life with 2 creative boys.


Here are some updated numbers about the reach of DadCAMP:

In 2014, DadCAMP had:

228,391 total page views
162,377 unique visitors
219% year-over-year growth compared to 2013

As of July, 2015, here’s how DadCAMP subscribers break down:

4,294 Twitter (@dadcamp)
10,471 Twitter (@buzzbishop)
1,552 Facebook (/dadcamp)
1,838 Facebook (/buzzbishop)
500+ LinkedIn (in/buzzbishop)
1838 Google+ (/+BuzzBishopdotcom)
291 Instagram (/dadcampgram)
861 YouTube (4.5 million views, /user/z953buzz/)
8,249 Pinterest (/buzzbishop)

Here is the cyberbuzz media annual report from January, 2015:

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buzz bishop media kit about

buzz bishop media kit endorsements

You can view my media kit here.


The Vancouver Sun called DadCAMP’s Buzz Bishopan information addict and pop-culture junkie — but you could also call him a media artist. He sucks up cultural information, reorganizes it into a dazzling format that makes listeners laugh and makes them feel smart.

Cision Navigator, a Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing resource for top media contacts, has picked DadCAMP as one of the most influential Dad Blog Brands in Canada.

Huffington Post named @DadCAMP one of 15 Best Parenting Tweeters (and the only Dad on the list with 14 Moms.) “He links to his always-compelling pieces about modern fatherhood, as well as intriguing content from around the web,” the site noted. “If you’re looking for think pieces and hot topics, this is your man.”

DadCAMP was picked to‘s list of 50 Best Dad Blogs (at #16) “It’s not just Bishop’s provocative candor that keeps us coming back to DadCAMP,” Babble noted,“it’s the practical tips, too.” has chosen DadCAMP‘s founder and editor, Buzz Bishop, as one of the Top 25 Canadian Parents to follow on Twitter.

Named to First Site Guide‘s list of Best Daddy Bloggers To Follow.

Named to Voicebok‘s list of Top 50 Dad Blogs.

Named to LifeScoop‘s Top 10 Wired Dad Blogs.

Named BrighterLife‘s Family Award winner as one of the top family writers in Canada. 


DadCAMP is a popular Canadian Dad Blog that is sought by media outlets as a voice of parents in Canada, and the US. DadCAMP creator, Buzz Bishop is a 25 yr media professional and has been interviewed for or featured in numerous articles in outlets ranging from The Globe and Mail, National Post, Global News, CBC, CNN, Good Morning America, HLN, and Huffington Post. (see them here)


DadCAMP is open to user submissions. View the guidelines to submit your stories.

You can send email to dadcampmail [at] gmail [dot] com.

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