Camping Hacks For Families

When I go camping, it is the best of times and it is the worst of times. I love getting away with my sons. I love exploring the backyard of the province and getting away from our routine. But I’m not really “good” at camping.

So I need to hack my camping trips. I need easy little ways to get things done and remind myself not to forget anything. I once drove 4 hours to a campsite only to discover I brought the wrong tent poles. When I drove 4 hours back to get them, I discovered they were in the trunk the whole time.

See what I mean? I love the time with my kids, but I need all the help I can to get back out there and love camping. (This article has some great gift ideas for campers)

1. So I have 2 camping buckets with everything in them. One has all the dishes and food, one has all the sleeping bags and tents. Load those two buckets in the trunk and all I need to do is fill up a cooler and change of clothes and I’m good to go. It’s made life easier.

Camping Buckets

Here are some other family camping hacks I’ve found around the web that I use when I’m out with the boys.

2. Before we went for a full blow up mattress, we brought along the foam squares from the playroom. They take up a lot of room in the trunk, so I abandoned it, but if you’ve got the space, they are a cheap and easy way to make sleeping on rocks more comfortable.

3. Pre making food items at home is an easy way to get things done. I like to use frozen meat as an ice block in my cooler, and this last trip instead of trying to bring eggs with me just to break and scramble, I cracked them at home and carried them in a container!

4. This last trip we discovered OFF! Clip-Ons. They’re an easy alternative to bug spray that keep the skeeters away when you’re at camp or lounging in the backyard.

The boys clipped them to their camp chair, and backpacks. They may have believed the benefits to be a little greater than promised – wanting them to keep snakes and birds and flies away – but the OFF! Clip-Ons did do the job of keeping away the mosquitoes. It’s easy. Remove foil and insert disc. Turn on. Clip on. Refill as needed.  (scroll down to see the OFF! Clip-Ons contest!)

OFF! Clip-On and Charlie

5. Now those camping buckets that I bring to hold all my camping gear for each trip also work as easy basins. If you camp with really young kids, you know what a disaster trying to bathe your kids in the camp shower can be. So flip the bucket into a bathtub!

6. BuzzFeed’s list of 41 camping hacks has gone viral many times over, and one hack I’ve picked from that list is campfire croissants. Pick up some ready made Pillsbury dough to pack along for camping, wrap the dough around a stick and then roast it over your open campfire for delicious fresh made breakfast treats!

Campfire Crescents

7. Always make sure you have Ziploc bags in the back seat. From storing snacks to collecting toys to acting as impromptu barf bags, these are vital for the long road trips to the campsite.

Ziploc Bags camping hack

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